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Santa with Glasses/Jingle the White Christmas Tree Flip-A-Mallows

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What could be better than one Squishmallow, how about two?! Meet Flip-A-Mallows, the new two-in-one Squishmallow to add to your squad.

Can’t decide which Squishmallow to play with first? Flip ’em! When you want to squish a new member of your squad, flip ’em!

Nick is the volunteer of the century. He travels all over the world and donates time and money to make the world a better place. He works around the clock day and night to bring you the jolliest day of the year.n.

Did you know that Carol has a twin? Meet Jingle! Jingle may not be as joyful as Carol but still plays along with her holiday shenanigans. Sometimes Jingle downplays the holiday cheer but deep down loves Carol enough to join in on the fun. Do you want to cause some mischief with Jingle?