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About us

Cullen’s Babyland & Playland… a Family Tradition.

Chances are if you or someone in your family is from South Louisiana, you’ve heard of Cullen’s Babyland.  That is because for the last forty four years, Cullen’s,  the largest independent baby store in Louisiana has been out fitting new parents and their children with the most innovative cribs, safe and affordable baby furniture,  bedding, baby gear and accessories on the market today. Boasting the largest selection of baby furniture in Louisiana, we show over eighty beds (Cribs?) on display for you to view, all under one roof in both Baton Rouge and Lafayette.

Locally owned and operated for over forty years, Cullen’s Babyland has been supplying the families of Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas with beautiful, safe, quality baby items, expert educational knowledge on products, and competitive prices, all steeped in a rich, traditional environment that can only come from a local, caring family business.

So while you wait in anticipation for the arrival of your new little angel, and dream of that gorgeous nursery, ask your mom where she shopped for your baby furniture.  Odds are, the answer is Cullen’s Babyland!  The Cullen’s family would be honored to help you continue the family tradition.