The Owly Clock

This cute feathered friend makes time-telling a hoot and has two sides to learn from! Made of sturdy wood, the Owly Clock by Janod features one side with a clock, and one side with a chalkboard for kids to practice their numbers and time-telling skills. Hang him up high, or set him down right in front of you. He even comes with his own box of chalk and a brush!

Big Bag of Science

by Be Amazing Toys

  • More than 70 fascinating activities included
  • Multiple award winner kit including parent choice
  • Great for science fair projects
  • Learn about polymers and superabsorbents
  • Includes ultraviolet sensitive beads and procedures for testing sunscreen

This is Rocket Science!

Mix up your own top-popping fuel mixture and put the snap cans to the distance test. Attach the foam rocket to the snap can and shoot the rocket high into the air. Don’t let all of this high-flying fun fool you…it’s a lesson in chemical reaction that will have the young scientist screaming, “Let’s do it again!”

The Gross Me Out! kit will have you making boogers that wiggle, guts and goo that jiggle, and creating a real fart bomb bag. Nasty! Even with all that gross, the science is 100% kid-safe.
3, 2, 1 Blast Off!
Powered by nothing more than carbon dioxide, your rocket will soar over 10 feet into the air.\ Perfect your rocket fuel mixture to out-launch your friends and set new records.
Just mix the two liquids together and you’ve got perfect slime every time! Learn about polymers and how they work. Learn why two liquids make an oozey, slimy concoction. Learn to clean your hands with slime! Have a slime stretching contest. Make a huge slime bubble.
Insta-Snow® is a good base for great science project ideas. Explore the properties of water-absorbent polymers and use the scientific method to as you design experiments and test them for instant results. Just watch out (your parents might try to steal your Insta-Snow® to create a winter scene for their holiday decorations!)
Just add your favorite mix-ins to the slime goo mixture and give the cup a shake. In seconds you’ll have the perfect batch of slime. Uncover the science behind these ooey gooey polymers and be the hit of the party!
Wow Toyz WT-MS Microscope Set.
Junior scientists will love to explore the hidden wonders of the microscopic world with this high-quality microscope set! Each set includes: microscope with three-lens turret for 100x, 200x and 450x magnification 1 prepared slide 4 blank slides 5 cover slips 2 collecting vials and more! An educational experiment guide featuring a variety of easy activities is included with each set, along with an observation worksheet so children can log their findings.
Contains easy-to-follow experiment guide with a variety of easy activities.Contains easy-to-follow experiment guide with a variety of easy activities. 3 powerful high quality 20x, 30x, 40x magnification lenses. Includes Tripod
Soda Powered Clock Kit
Make Science Fun.
Contains easy to read and follow instructions.
Easy to assemble.
Volcanic Eruption Kit
This classic experiment lets kids have a blast simulating real volcanic eruptions! This kit also includes educational volcanic facts. Completely safe. 10 yrs +
Build a solar powered radio with the Small World Solar Science AM/FM Radio kit. You’ll love listening to your favorite stations on a radio you make yourself.
Turn the sun into energy with the Solar Energy System from Small World Science. ScienceKit contains everything you need to build a solar energy device to power 4 devices.The solar panel can power a fan, music player, color wheel and electric lightbul