Nuna LEAF Infant Seat

Inspired by the carefree float of a leaf on a breeze, the LEAF baby seat treats baby to a similarly mesmerizing ride.

Our distinctive design–the only of its kind–was invented from baby’s point of view and works at playtime, lunchtime and mama’s choretime.

Whether it’s a motor-free ride to newborn dreamland, a wiggle party once they’re walking, or a crash pad after a hard day on the preschool playground, LEAF is both revolutionary and evolutionary—and endurance-tested up to a whopping 130 lbs.

That should keep them rocking out for years.

4moms MamaRoo

Babies love to bounce and sway, and that’s what the mamaRoo does.

It still moves like you do, and it’s available with a softer, plush seat fabric that’s even more comfortable for your baby.

The plush seat is machine-washable and easily zips in and out of your mamaRoo.

The mamaRoo is meant for babies from birth to 25lbs (usually about 6 months), or until they start to sit up unassisted.

4moms RockaRoo

Your baby will enjoy the soothing movements of the 4moms rockaRoo Infant Seat in the Classic Gray style, which features advanced robotics that help mimic the pivoting motions of a rocking horse for optimal comfort.

Complete with removable toys, the rockaRoo provides customizable audio options, including connectivity for your MP3 player, and five-speed adjustability to help entertain baby or lull your little one to sleep.